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If God is everywhere, why can’t we see him?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

God is omnipresent. Yet we can't realize His presence. Why?

God surrounds us. He is everywhere, within and without. Some of you may know how God manifested from a pillar in the demon Hiranyakashyapu’s home. The demon king taunted his son Prahlada, ‘Where is your God? Dare He enter my palace, the abode of His sworn enemy?’ The devoted Prahlada replied calmly, ‘Father, God is everywhere, even in your palace.’ Enraged, Hiranyakashyapu took his mace, pointed to a pillar and asked, ‘Is God here?’ The rest is history. No sooner had he smashed the pillar than Lord Narasimha appeared in full glory. ‘You fool! Look, here I am. ‘The point is, God surrounds us and He is bliss embodied, yet we are miserable.

The saint-poet Tulsidas Ji has said, ‘The fish is in water, yet it searches frantically for it’. How come we are untouched by divine bliss when it surrounds us?

This is a spiritual riddle demanding a spiritual answer. Instead, let us take a material angle in approaching this riddle. Science has discovered that our bodies are made of atoms and the space surrounding us, the air, the earth

and everything else, is full of more atoms. Everything is made of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and such like. And we know full well that these atoms are beehives of energy. The depictions of atoms show electrons and whatnots buzzing furiously. Scientists tapped this energy in the 20th century to produce atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, and nuclear energy. Only a few kilos of the stuff is enough to flatten a city or provide it with electricity for a very long time. Although this stupendous energy surrounds us, are we able to feel it? Far from it. Even the slightest exertion is enough to sap our strength. Sometimes it seems that our parents and grandparents had far more energy than we do!

What is stopping us from accessing this humongous source of energy? The energy exists, but the body is incapable of unlocking and harnessing it. We face a similar dilemma with God and bliss.

The mind is not able to see Him and savor His bliss. But there is a difference - the human body is, perhaps, incapable of accessing nuclear energy directly, it is not built that way. But the human mind can perceive God. It will need the guru’s grace and some effort on our parts to get there, but it is not impossible. What is the proof of this? The ringing testimonies of countless saints.

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Satya Subham Rout
Satya Subham Rout
Oct 10, 2022



Oct 10, 2022

Great Content!!

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