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Annual Sadhana Shivir (ASS)

Chitrakoot, MP

Ekant Sadhana

Our only job is purification of the mind. Come! In this sadhana shivir let us all create a  'Bhav deh' and then we shall meditate on the divine in Golok


The philosophy 

Very rarely the mind of a person dwells the same place where he works. A large part of the mind wonders in the fierce forest of fear, dark caves of jealousness and desert of imaginary failures. So massive is the degree of distractions, one finds it hard to fix his mind in God while doing worldly duties, makes it appear as a near-impossible practice. Karma Sanyasa is the way out. This is an art to be mastered. The mind is to be conditioned. The mind is to be curdled first.



Annual Sadhana Shivir (ASS)

Chitrakoot, MP

The day looks like

Mauna (Silence) is observed throughout the day. A typical day starts at 4 am and various activities and sessions go on till 9 pm.


Experience the right guidance for Roopdhyan meditation which will benefit you to manage mental and emotional stability. Listen to the lectures and acquire knowledge to lead the life in the right direction and handling tough situations.


Aarti and sankirtan sessions are held twice, in the morning and evening. Philosophical discourses are explained by Poojniya Devi Ji and Swami Ji.

Sanyasa means renunciation. In popular parlance, renunciation of action in pursuit of divine bliss is known as Karma Sanyasa. A Karm Sanyasi is supposed to give up worldly duties and dedicate entire life for this pursuit.

Listen to the Blissful and eye opening philosophical lectures by Poojniya Devi ji and

 Swami Ji


Chanting of Shri Radha Krishna’s name, virtues etc as preached by Jagadaguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


Under the Guidance of Poojniya Devi Ji and Swami Ji, experience the essence of Roopdhyan Meditation


Join now for an interactive session

Contact details

Starting from 26th May, 2023

+91 8280342330 | +91 8280342372

We cordially invite you Chitrakoot. Radhe Radhe.

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