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Empowering Individuals to understand human life   

Very rarely the mind of a person dwells in the same place where he works. A large part of the mind wonders in the f ierce forest of fear, dark caves of jealousness and desert of imaginary failures. So massive is the degree of distractions, one f inds it hard to f ix his mind in God while doing worldly duties, makes it appear a near-impossible practice. Karma Sanyasa is the way out. This is an art to be mastered. The mind is to be conditioned. The mind is to be curdled f irst. Roopdhyan is the simplest yet powerful technique. The way milk curdles in a calm and lonely place, the mind remains automatically introverted with continuous practice of this technique. This practice enables one to keep the mind constantly attached with spiritual guide (Guru) and God, realizing them to be there every moment as observer and protector.  

Based on the above teachings of Shri Maharaj Ji, mega meditation camps are organized in different places. The first such camp was held in the year 1996 in Puri, the abode of Lord Jagannath. Thereafter, the shivirs have been organized across the country in holy places like Dwarka (Gujarat), Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu), Nabadweep (West Bengal), Haridwar (Uttarakhand), Nasik (Maharashtra), Ujjain (MP), Katra (Jammu), Chitrakoot and Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh) and others. Places of spiritual significance are chosen to give people familiarity with cultural diversities of India and spiritual importance of these places along with their spiritual experiences. It has been going on uninterruptedly for the last 26 years benefiting thousands, transforming their perceptions of lives completely. 63 (Sixty-three) such camps have been organized so far. Since the pandemic, this camp has been conducted online in the last 03 years. This year (2022), it was a hybrid one (offline and online).

Sadhna Shivir:  

Our every single effort is always aimed at achieving everlasting bliss but all we get in the bargain is a little bit of short-lived pleasure sometimes. So, what should we do? There will always be a never-ending urge to attain, achieve or acquire as we haven’t fed the soul with the subject of its liking. So, what does the soul aspire to?? How will the subject of the soul be achieved?? How can complete-bliss be experienced?? These cardinal questions assail every young mind without any distinction of caste, creed, color & society. The answer to these queries is the pathway to boundless bliss or perfect happiness – And the spiritual world has answers to these knotty questions. Devi Ji organizes youth camps providing solutions to everyday problems, uniquely blending ancient Vedic wisdom presented with scientific & modern touch. For the millennials, ‘Yuva Utthan Shivir (YUS)’ started under the guidance of Poojniya Devi Ji in the year 2014 which has turned out to be an astounding contribution for the society. It goes on uninterruptedly with two programs every year. Her painstaking endeavors to chaperone the scatter-brained youth in the upright direction appears to be only a ray of light. Her direct guidance helps in dispelling clouds of illusions, propelling them not only to shape their future but also to fortify their present. Shri Maharaj Ji’s reconciled philosophy answers the day-to-day materialistic problems faced by us, illuminates how to tackle adverse situations with logic, & find solace amidst the cacophony. The armor of divine qualities will only shield us from the ‘mayic’ arrows laced with desires, greed, anger, lust etc. Every soldier of YUS has prepped himself to face ‘mayic’ arrows practically using the scientific ideologies laid by Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. The participants of YUS lead an ascetic life in the ashram campus, abstaining from luxuries of city life by sleeping on the cradle of mother earth which infused them with humbleness. Devi Ji's lecture series crafted for the youth were delivered which made them realize the hollowness engulfing society. They reap the benefits of outbound experiential learning activities for nurturing Body, Mind and Soul.

Yuva Utthan Shivir:  

A child is a bud that will blossom tomorrow. The bud requires proper nourishment before it can emanate fragrances that can tranquilize its admirer. Akin to the bud, the child must be groomed in an atmosphere where it can inculcate proper etiquette, culture, and moral values. The environment it grows in will design his thoughts accordingly & his thoughts will be expressed in the deeds. Books will prepare him scholastically but attitude, perspective towards different spheres of life will decide how the knowledge is being utilized. Contemporary debased environment has succeeded in propelling the child to amass money, power & social liking but innumerable social-media apps have failed to deliver him from loneliness. They have conquered the world but conceded defeat within inner self leading to suicidal tendencies. Hence, holistic development of the child is of paramount importance. The lack in assimilation of philosophy of life has led them into a ditch. So, they must be familiarized with their identity before they move ahead. ‘Bal Sanskar Program’ has been designed to prepare them scholastically as well as spiritually for striking a perfect balance in their lives. It will ensure their spiritual upliftment and inner progress which in turn will lead to an integral development of their lives. Early morning, children used to do yoga/Aerobics tuned to God’s name. Devi Ji used to teach children life philosophy with simple analogies. Every day there were music classes where children were provided preliminary knowledge of notes & moods in music. The creativity & finesse of participants in art, dance, song & music surprises everyone. Classes on Sanskriti (Heritage), general hygiene brings in children a strong foundation for their life skills. It was started at Braj Gopika Dham in the year 2007. Since then, it goes on uninterruptedly with two programs every year, benefiting thousands of children.

Baal Sanskar Shivir:  

As per the scriptural evidence, there have been 04(four) major obligations for every human being to comply. They are Truth, Non-violence, Mercy and Charity. In Sat-Yuga, man used to follow all these four. However, Truth disappeared in Treta-Yuga, and only three remained. In Dwapara-Yuga, People used to follow charity and non-violence and in Kaliyuga only charity remained in the form of religion. It is the spiritual and moral duty of a man to donate the self-earned money for worthful act/charity after fulfilling his need. Therefore, charity is the only way for spiritual upliftment in Kali Yuga. Charitable work is performed through donation. It is primarily of two types - one is of material form of (money, essential requirements) and the other is about empowering someone spiritually. “ “The soul is to be liberated from the vicious cycle of life and death. This is charity of highest order.” Devi Ji says Imparting upon people the spiritual knowledge is the highest form of welfare. But the authority of this donation is only upheld by the saints and Mahapurusha (God-realised saints). The sole purpose of the life of Saints and Mahapurusha is to do the welfare of others. They save the conditioned souls/ ordinary beings by involving them in public welfare. Else, their lives would get lost only in sense gratification. Therefore, the saints are our real mentors. Along with Spiritual wellbeing, BGSM has also been relentlessly working for humanitarian service in society. It focusses on the unprivileged people and their holistic growth by facilitating various philanthropic initiatives. The services include Health wellbeing, Educational and Computer awareness, Yoga, volunteering initiatives during natural calamities and other various activities for public welfare. Every day, free medical services are provided to the people in the main centres of Braj Gopika Dham (Orissa), and Bhakti Dham Navadvipa (West Bengal). Free medicines are provided to patients after their health check-up by experienced doctors. Along with general health care, ophthalmic and dental services are also provided. The following health camps are organized regularly at Braj Gopika Dham, Odisha and nodal canters of Braj Gopika Seva Mission. 1. Daily OPD 2. General Health Medical Camp 3. Dental Camp 4. Blood Donation Camp (During Sadhana Shivir) Apart from Health facilities, BGSM also provides English language and computer education to youth from the nearby villages. A huge number of youth population is taking part in this initiative and getting benefited. Many of them are moving ahead with better employment opportunities. BGSM is actively involved in promoting education in society. On certain occasions, free distribution programs are held where needy children are given bicycles, sweaters, umbrellas, bags, tiffin boxes and other essential items.


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