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“She will go on to preach Sri Krishna Bhakti all over the world”

Devi Ji was born to serve her Guru in every sense of the word. Her initiation to a sacred Guru - Sisya Parampara - with regards to the spiritual fold of things started during her birth. With her parents firmly devoted to Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, she knew no other world apart from Guru and His service. Her childhood and education revolved around the guidance of her spiritual master. In this, she was wholly supported by her parents; indeed, they served as role models and exemplars.   

She was barely 21 days old when Shri Maharaj ji met her, while delivering a spiritual discourse at her hometown in Bhilai; and he prophesied  

“She will go on to preach Sri Krishna Bhakti all over the world”.  

These divine words of Shri Maharaj Ji became the very basis of her upbringing. By their genuine conduct and steadfast care, her parents led her to a strong foundation of unflinching faith. Even as a small child she displayed sterling qualities of head and heart; and grew up to complete her formal education meritoriously in 1988. Unlike other children, she was naturally inclined towards spirituality and stayed indifferent from material obsessions. 

Childhood & Pre-Renunciation:

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