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She has been blessed to have grown right under the benign eyes of Shri Maharaj Ji and to have completed all her scriptural studies and training in a surprisingly short time under his spiritual tutelage.   

Spreading the Philosophy of Divine Love:  

Her first public discourse was in the year 1989 in the fort temple of Durg (Indian province of Chhattisgarh). She was just 21 years old then. The audience got awestruck by listening to her awe-inspiring approach, talking on the most complex Sanatan Vedic Philosophy so effortlessly. Lucid recitations on the Vedic verses made the audience spell bound. Her simple yet profound way of speech could easily offer solutions to the queries of the aspirants through her discourses. Programs following the first one, found audience swell everywhere she went as if it was a reverted form of her unbound reverence for the Guru.  

She delivered her next discourses in different pockets of Odisha as per Shri Maharaj Ji's advice. She continued to grow with her lofty goals by following the steadfast austerity in the service of Guru with absolute enthusiasm. During the discourse of 21 days, her only effort would be to guide every distressed soul to attain Bliss. From the year 1989 to 1999, she kept on travelling from one place to another relentlessly, leading the life of an ascetic by taking along her mission of spreading divine knowledge and the key to happiness for everyone!   

Witnessing increased number of followers, necessity of forming local centres where the seekers can come from time to time and have the privilege of Devi Ji's association so that their spiritual development continues to be nurtured and promoted, their curiosities are answered.  Apart from that, the centre could also be a focal point for facilitating the humanitarian services to the people of the surrounding localities by and large.  

It became a movement. From Odisha, the movement spread its wing to 130 cities in West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujrat, and Maharashtra. More than 150 centres are running right now under able leadership of Devi Ji. In the year 2001, she travelled to Florence for her first overseas program. Devi Ji has successfully completed programs in other overseas nations such as Thailand, Mauritius, and the UK. Many dedicated families living abroad took the privilege of online Satsang programs organized by Devi Ji, even during the Covid19 pandemic.  

People find themselves fortunate to proceed forward to the unknown world of Divine Love in her affable and pleasing guidance. She is a mother, a friend, a teacher, a guide and much more. One feels easy, protected, and tranquil in being in her company. To the youth she is dynamic, loving to children, pleasing to seniors and blissful to all seekers.  Her graciousness, generosity and simplicity attract every sincere devotee and thus she is lovingly called Maa. 

Initiation and Preaching

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