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16th to 26th August, 2024

कौमार आचरेत्प्राज्ञो धर्मान्भागवतानिह ।
दुर्लभं मानुषं जन्म तदप्यध्रुवमर्थदम् ॥ 


kaumāra ācaret prājño dharmān bhāgavatān iha | 

durlabhaṁ mānuṣaṁ janma tad apy adhruvam arthadam || 

From the tender age of childhood, one with intelligence should habituate himself with the practice of devotional service to the Supreme. A human life is precious and meaningful even though inflicted by impermanence.  







Past Tour
No of Years

"Only good men with strong moral fibre can shape the world."  

What they're saying

Sneak Peak

Have a look at all the activities planned for this year's Mauritius visit.

Kalash Yatra

Srimad Bhagwat Katha



Murti Sthapana

Past Year Mauritius visit

Maa Documentary

Session 01

5.00am - 7.30am 

Break - Breakfast & Community Service  

Session 02

9.45am - 12.00pm 

Break - Lunch & Rest 

Session 03

1.45 pm - 4.00pm 


Session 04

6.45pm - 8.45pm 


Order of the day

Early to bed & Early to rise makes me healthy, wealthy, and wise

Getting there

By Flight

The nearest airport to the Shiv Shakti Temple in Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius is the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. It's about 18 kilometers away. Then you can use a taxi or Uber as per your convenience.

By Bus

The closest bus stop to the Shiv Shakti Temple is the Vacoas Bus Terminal. You can take any bus that travels to Vacoas from your location in Mauritius. From the Vacoas Bus Terminal, you can take a taxi or walk to the temple. It is approximately a 20 minute walk from the terminal.

By Car

Car Rental or Tax: Find car rental desks at the airport, choose a car, finalize rental, and get directions to Vacoas-Phoenix. Alternatively, you can use Ride-hailing App (e.g., Uber). Please keep local currency, it may come handy.


Beautiful and sustainable co-existence - learn, live, and lead


Is hot water available?

Hot water is available throughout the day for all purposes through solar and electric water heaters.

Is safe and hygenic drinking water available?

Yes, water is RO filtered. It is available at dining hall, places of residence, seminar halls, and even other areas as well. Please bring your carry bottles with you. 

Will it be cold?

Since the event is in last week of Dec, temperatures would be close to 10 degrees. Bring all your winter gear with you especially blankets, jackets, socks, headscarf / mufflers / caps, sandals & shoes, gloves etc., 

In which language classes will be taken?

Hindi & English are preferred modes of communication.  

Is there a hospital in case of emergencies?

We have a clinic inside the premises for first aid and medicinal purposes. Ambulance is there, and nearest clinic with doctor is at 10 kms away. 

Radhe Radhe, we egarly await your arrival. Meet you at Vacoas.

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