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Getting the eyes to see GOD

Getting the eyes to see GOD

“...When there is a will, there are three ways...”

With a clear picture on why this human life is so precious and not to be wasted in “eat, drink, and be merry.”, the purpose of human life, and the nature of soul, mayic world, and GOD, let’s journey towards how to achieve our one & only purpose.

Uddhav Ji asks Shri Krishna why there are so many paths prevalent in this world to attain bliss or ultimate happiness and which ones to follow, all seem so contradictory. Shri Krishna explains that He had specified one path for all irrespective of physical, social, economic differences etc., in the Vedas. However, different interpretations of the Vedas came about in accordance with the individual interpreting them.

Some paths came into existence simply due to culture and tradition. Some say the paths of Karm-Dharm is the true; some say earning name and fame is the true path; whereas for some fulfilment of desires is the only path; for others, it is in telling the truth that salvation lies. According to some, sense-control is the way to God; for some, fasting. Are any of these genuine? Shri Krishna says no since none of these leads to God.

The path of Karm is both praised and condemned by Vedas and Shastras. Even divine personalities like Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, Prahlada, and the Gopis rejected the path of Karm-Dharm.

Then which is the true path?

Let’s search and find the answers for once & all in these lectures.

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