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Is there any entity named GOD? Fact or Faith

Is there any entity named GOD? Fact or Faith

“…We walk by faith and not by sight…”

Now, we have a fair idea of our nature i.e., we are not only this human body but also the soul in the previous lecture, and logically understood the purpose of our lives. Let’s see where our purpose will lead to i.e., the ultimate destination.

Have we observed any object or system coming about by chance. If not, why and how then can we assume that the entire universe with all its harmony, order and structured organization came about by itself, by chance? Have we ever seen:

  • A complicated machine coming by Chance?

  • A complicated mechanism with no Purpose?

Even, the material theories in the world cannot be proved without first conducting experiments. Otherwise, why would scientists engage themselves in experiments at all? They themselves state that it is only after experiment that any principle can be proved or disproved.  Meaning they start with an assumption, or take a leap of faith to undertake the risk and reward journey,

Shri Ramakrishna Ji says - "We see stars at night time, but none can be seen at day time. That doesn't prove that there are no stars."

Meaning to prove their existence, one needs a little faith and observe at night too. Also, the accuracy of evidence or proof depends upon what are we trying to prove and is relative. At-least in this case proof by direct perception is insufficient to prove the presence of stars.

Let’s listen and analyse what are the different kinds of proofs, and the most accurate one as well, whether the unseen can be proven by the seen, for it is the next step of our philosophical journey.

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