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There is no cheating death!

Updated: 17 hours ago

Who wants to live forever? The answer is - everyone, and this is not surprising. One of the fundamental principles of life is, no one wants to die. This desire is inbuilt in us.

Death is especially repugnant to the high and mighty because their wealth is of little use in warding off death. People have gone to impressive lengths to get around the problem of death. The pharaohs of Egypt built enormous pyramids to guard their dead bodies. Buried deep inside the pyramids are the mummified bodies of majestic kings. Jewelry and personal effects of the pharaohs surround the mummies. The purpose of these elaborate measures? To be of use to the pharaohs in the afterlife.

If you thought these practices are a thing of the past, think again. There is a ‘science’ called Cryonics which deals with preserving dead bodies in tanks of nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius! It is a hugely expensive process and only the very rich can afford it. The purpose of doing it? So that, with advancements in technology, the dead can be brought back to life!

These tricks are to no avail. There is no cheating death. What is also vexing is, there is no way to predict the time of death.

People turn to astrology for answers. The problem is, where will you find a good astrologist? Astrology is a precise science, not mumbo-jumbo. But in this Kali Yuga, it is probably impossible to find a genuine practitioner of astrology. Even if you find a first-rate astrologist, is there anything he can do to change your fate? That is impossible. Let alone the Kali Yuga, no one has cheated death in any yuga. There is no example of anyone living forever.

Saints tell us not to waste time in these efforts. We cannot prevent death and we have no way of knowing when it will arrive.

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