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B.G.S.M Celebrated 26th Annual Sadhna Shivir

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Braj Gopika Seva Mission celebrated its 26th Annual Sadhna Shivir on 29th May 2022 at its main ashram premises amid a huge congregation of sadhaks. The program kick-started with a grand procession around 4 a.m in early morning with the presence of a huge number of satsangesss, sadhaks from far-off places, inmates, and visitors. Shri Maharaj ji and lord duo Radha and Krishna were seated on a well-decorated chariot and brought to the Upashana hall from Jagadguru Bhavan, accompanied by revered Devi ji and Swami ji and all satsangees, while chanting Radhe Radhe, beating drum, cymbals and dancing with extreme joy. The chant of Radhe Radhe Govind Radhe was such that as if penetrating into the sky. The procession reached the Upashana hall around 5 pm where the satsangees and invitees were waiting to receive the chariot with a great enthusiasm with the chant Swagatam Swagatam Gurudev ( Welcome Welcome Gurudev). Revered Devi ji and Swami ji both were offered a warm welcome with the chant of Haribol and Radhe Radhe by all the attendees including the visitors and satsangees. After the welcome ceremony, Beloved Devi ji and Swami ji did perform the rite of abhisekam with flower petals and anointing of Gurudev Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj and Ashta Maharas Mandali ( 8 close associates of Radharani in Ras) and finished the rite with the circumambulation of their idols accompanied with sankirtan of Hari bol and Mahamantra.

In her opening lecture, describing Shri Maharaj ji, Devi ji stated that He was the luminary of divine love and compared him with the epithet of Sun god , while describing about the Didis (the three daughters of Shri Maharaj ji) as the rays of that sun who are accompanying Him with sprinkling the nectar of selfless divine love of God’s name/ Radha Krishna around the world and devoting their selfless service for Shri Maharj ji and his mission of spreading the highest principle of Divine love. While describing the significance of preaching of God’s name, Revered Swami ji said, it a is the only asset for the devotees and the entire humanity in the form of a savior in the contemporary time of Kaliyuga. He further allegedly advocated the relevance of Shri Maharaj ji’s supreme philosophy of Divine love and its paramount relevance amid the passing crises of this age, sliding towards rapid degradation such as outcome of reverse climatic changes, harsh weather, unrest and unethical practices rampant in society and falling of values apart etc. Describing the great selfless sacrifice and contribution of beloved Amma ji, Swami ji said that she is the ideal of selfless love who has illuminated the whole world with the light of selfless love and self -sacrifice being an exemplary for greater cause of human- soul upliftment.

The each day sadhna began with Divyadesh or divine advice of Shri Maharaj Ji through a shot lecture session and continued with the next practice session of Rupadhyana for next 4 sessions, conducted every day.

Through the heartfelt rendition of Maharaj ji’s composed divine verses and couplets from the sublime treasure of Prem Ras Madira, Radha Govind Geet, Shyama Shyam Geet etc., revered Devi ji and Swami ji with their soul-penetrating voice made the sadhaks fall into an instant trance, some of them shedding tears with their outcry for God, and Guru. This is the unison place for seekers where they perform sadhana, realizing the importance of aligning their mind, intellect and heart altogether in the name of God and Guru and earning the divine affluence of the transcendental world.

Through the interpretation of the shlokas from Shrimad Bhagwat, couplets from Ramayana etc., Devi ji, explained the devotees about how one should carry on the spiritual practice of Devotion because it is the ultimate goal of life, as stated in all scriptures. Revered Swami ji proclaimed that the resolution of 26th sadhna shivir is to get up, wake up and attain divine knowledge in the company of a self-realised soul/saint. Another special session apart from sadhna was just before the third session where the sadhaks were given knowledge on the satvik diet and its scientific and religious importance. The sadhaks were pleased to have such important information for their self-amendment in daily routine life.

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Oct 05, 2022


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