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Yuva Utthan Shivir 2023: Dedicated to Siddhant, Sadhana and Seva

Updated: Jan 3

Over 225 youth, representing 13 different states of India from 24th to 30th December 2023, embarked on a transformative journey at the Jagadguru Kripalu Dham in Puri, Odisha. The Yuva Utthan Shivir wasn't just a camp; it was a meticulously crafted program designed to nurture holistic development, foster spiritual awakening, and ignite a sense of purpose in life in young minds.

Holistic Nurturing: Igniting Body, Mind, and Spirit

The Shivir meticulously balanced intellectual stimulation, spiritual growth and physical activity. A typical day starts at 4.30 am with Darshan and Arati of the deities followed by Pravachan, delving deep into timeless wisdom and illuminating the path to inner peace. Roopdhyan meditation sessions, focusing on visualization, provided tools for introspection and self-discovery. Samuhik Seva (Community service) instilled the value of selfless contribution, while vibrant kirtan sessions resonated with devotional love and fostered a sense of community.

Physical well-being wasn't neglected. Yoga and Zumba sessions led by enthusiastic instructors set hearts soaring and bodies energized. Interactive workshops conducted by Sadhak and Sadhika of Ashram, experienced mentors, covered diverse topics like Vedic math, life skills, and moral values. Their engaging methods, infused with humor and insightful storytelling, transformed learning into a captivating experience. Moral lessons were subtly woven into captivating video shows that left a lasting impression, guiding participants toward responsible decision-making.

Divine Guidance and Personal Growth

The core of the Shivir revolved around sessions presided over by Pujaniya Raseshwari Devi Ji and Swami Yugal Sharan Ji. Their mornings and afternoons were graced by their radiant presence, where melodious kirtans filled the air, thought-provoking Q&A sessions encouraged introspection, and personal interactions provided unconditional love and guidance. Participants were challenged by a unique holistic quiz, testing their understanding of the spiritual and material realms, prompting a quest for balance in their lives. Special training sessions honed public speaking skills, empowering them to confidently voice their thoughts and ideas.

Beyond the Classroom: Experiential Learning of Cultural Heritage

The Shivir offered far more than classroom learning. Participants embarked on visits to holy places like the Jagannath Puri Temple, Govardhan Math, Tota Gopinath temple, and Haridas samadhi sthali, immersing themselves in the spiritual history of these sacred sites. The final day's grand ceremony at Braj Gopika Dham was a vibrant celebration of India's diverse cultural heritage. Performances showcasing the dance and music of Rajasthan, Bihar, Bengal, Delhi, Punjab, and Odisha painted a mesmerizing canvas of unity and appreciation for India's rich Cultural Heritage.

What we primarily focus on:

  • Holistic Development: The Shivir focused on nurturing the intellectual, spiritual, and physical well-being of young minds, promoting well-rounded individuals.

  • Empowering Values: Participants learned essential life skills, embracing values like responsibility, gratitude, service, and moral grounding.

  • Unity and Appreciation: The celebration of diverse cultural expressions fostered a sense of national unity and appreciation for India's vibrant heritage.

  • Personal Growth: Specialized training sessions empowered participants to take ownership of their lives and express themselves confidently.

  • Community living: Sharing daily life in common spaces strengthened bonds, reminding them of the interconnectedness of human experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Morning Symphony:

  • Enriching spiritual discourses

  • Inner peace through Roopdhyan meditation

  • Samuhik Seva: Cultivating selfless contribution

  • Vibrant kirtan sessions fostering community

  • Physical Empowerment:

  • Energizing Zumba sessions

  • Interactive workshops on diverse topics

  • Moral lessons infused through engaging video shows

  • Beyond the Classroom:

  • Experiential learning through visits to holy places

  • Grand cultural celebration at Braj Gopika Dham

  • In the Presence of Maa and Baba:

  • Melodic kirtans and thought-provoking Q&A sessions

  • Personal interactions and unconditional guidance

  • Unveiling balance through a holistic quiz

  • Honing public speaking skills for confident expression


The Yuva Utthan Shivir(YUS) wasn't merely a week-long program but a catalyst for profound personal transformation. It equipped young minds with the tools to discover their inner purpose, navigate life's challenges with wisdom and grace, and contribute positively to their communities. As these young ambassadors return to their homes, carrying the torch of Siddhant, Sadhana and Seva, they have the potential to ignite a chain reaction of positive change, paving the way for a brighter future.

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