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Baleswar unit tour

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Pujniya Raseshwari Devi Ji graced the holy land of 'Baleswar' where devotees received her with great enthusiasm and love. They were pleased to see “Maa” face-to-face at Baleswar after so many years courtsey covid storm which kept entire world at it’s feet.

Her eyes melt with joy as she could finally meet beloved devotees of Shri Maharajji and to guide them further in their spiritual journey. The meeting was like never before.

Everybody has problems these days and the one who chooses to face it wins over ultimately no matter how severe it is. Devi Ji often describes the struggles of great men that ever walked on this planet and draw morals out of it in a digestible and concise manner that is helpful for the younger generations. It was a three-day spiritual retreat which contained intensive sessions of mediation, discourses and questionnaires.

Children and youths also participated in large numbers. They usually don’t able to grasp the deep and fundamental concepts of the scriptures like their parents can. She also took time to organize special sessions for kids as well as youths. They all attended the meditational sessions followed by mesmerizing Kirtans.

Kids had lots of fun in activities like singing, chanting, stories and Q&A. She distributed sweets and other delicacies that caught their attention immediately. These sessions helped some of them to open up and express their emotions and creativities. The time they spent with Maa which was filled with all love was a memorable experience for all of them. She passed on some guidelines for their parents as well, which would help them in order to take care of their growing kids properly.

Instead of just motivating to fight through the odds, she encourages everyone to find the solution by going to the root cause of the problem and strengthen them with necessary spiritual knowledge that would back them up at times of despair.

The learning process can be fun and exciting when it’s been done by Maa as she takes care of each and every one individually. They only complain people have is that they didn't had enough time with her.

Everyone who went to her for guidance and doubts has retured home with a smiling face. Afterall, she is the preacher of none other than Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj - a well versed personality in all the scriptures and western philosophy alike.

Last but not the least, Maa went to a satsangee's home for "Pran-pratistha" of their beloved Radha Krishna. (May the divine couple bless all fallen souls. We offer our prayers at their lotus feet.)

Likewise, Deviji continues to spread the philosophy of Shri Maharajji and devotion to Shri Krishna with faith, sincerity and providing opportunity to the masses so that they can too taste the necter of Sanatan Vedic Dharm (Eternal everlasting ever increasing bliss of god).

Radhe Radhe.

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