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Creation - what happened in the beginning?

It is God’s compassion that led to Creation.

God has done so much for us it will be foolish to count His gifts. He has created the universe for us to take advantage of and attain Him. You may ask - did God create the universe for us? Yes. To confirm this, let us take a journey to the very start of creation.

There was nothing before creation. Some of you will have heard of the Big Bang Theory, the scientific explanation for the creation of the universe. In gist, in this theory, scientists claim that there was nothing to start with. The conjecture is there was some black hole which was all energy, devoid of matter, size, shape, or even time. One fine day, perhaps 13 billion years ago, there was a colossal explosion and this resulted in creation. This is the fabled Big Bang. Science has neatly sidestepped the concept of time and creation. Stephen Hawking, the doyen of theoretical physicists in modern times, has said, ‘The concept of time has no meaning before the beginning of the universe’. In plain words, what I don’t understand is not worth knowing.

Whatever! But what existed before Big Bang? Wisely, science has chosen to be silent on this. Beyond saying that nothing existed, there is little by the way of theories or conjectures.

You see, these things are beyond the capabilities of observation or even imagination. Say anything and people will fire questions at you. For how long was the state of ‘nothing’? What was the spark that created Big Bang in ‘nothing’? How long will the next ‘nothing’ last?

Fine-tune this theory a bit and you will arrive at what the scriptures have always asserted. The spiritual scientists are not timid in their observations. Creation of the universe, when it was created, when it will go up in smoke, will it be created again, the state of ‘nothing’, why we came out of ‘nothing’ - they have precise answers to all these knotty problems. Before creation, there was no matter. Everything was in a state of suspension, in the ‘belly of God’ - this is the state of ‘nothing’. In this state of ‘nothing’, there was nothing happening. Sure, we were not up to our usual unruly selves, but we were unable to do good either. This has been likened to the end of the play in a five-day cricket Test match. The umpire calls an end to the day’s play, and the scoreboard stays unchanged for the duration of the night.

‘How long will My children languish?’, this was God’s dilemma. He took pity on us and created the world for us, similar to how play resumes the next morning in the Test match. All jivas were back to their businesses.

This world is a place to redeem ourselves, to fix our minds on God and attain Him. This is the primary reason for creation. To meditate on God we need human birth. To sustain humans and other life, God created the world.

When things get out of hand because of our evil actions, God dissolves the world again. They call this ‘pralaya’ in Sanskrit, this is the ‘nothing’ of science.

Thus, God has created this incredible universe for us and given us human birth. We thank Him heartily for the generosity. But we have a niggling doubt in our minds - why did He not go one step further and fasten our minds to Him? Now, this is something that not even almighty God can do. God can do a lot. The sages say the word ‘impossible’ does not exist for God. He can create the universe and dissolve it without lifting His finger. But not even God can force us to love Him. We have to do it, not guru, not God. Call it unfair, but that is just the way it is. That is the unfinished business that only we can finish. And it is possible only in this precious human birth.

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