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Is human birth an illusion? Is everything an illusion?

Possibly, you have heard this phrase ‘everything is an illusion’. Is it true? How can everything be an illusion when it seems so real?

There is a segment of seekers, many of them of the path of knowledge, who belittle the human body, dismissing it as an illusion. According to this theory, everything around us is an illusion and hence, the body too is an illusion.

They are wrong. The body is not an illusion, it very much real.

Sure, it is transient and will not last forever, but it is not an illusion. It is with this human body that we can attain God. There are many other species who have far more beautiful and productive bodies than humans. Cheetahs can run faster, monkeys can swing higher, and peacocks are far more beautiful. But none of these magnificent creatures can attain God. Only humans have this privilege.

The goal is to attain God and go beyond maya, and out of the miserable cycle of birth and death. The goal is to be relieved from taking birth and being forced into this body and that. Yet, the way to do it is through this very human body.

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