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Memories of Gurudev ❤️

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

While speaking to satsangis, Poojniya Devi Ji recounts a wonderful interaction with Gurudev.

I will tell you the sweetest incident of my life. In those days, I was studying in Standard 10, and the Sadhana Shivir was being held at Mangarh. Sri Maharaj Ji’s orders for the Sadhana Shivir were, observe silence and do sadhana with roopdhyan. I am telling you about 1983 or 1984, and the sadhana of those times was very strict. Those days, Sri Maharaj Ji would punish anyone found talking—Get out of here! Do not show me your face, do not eat—such were the punishments. These days, of course, Sri Maharaj Ji does not even say anything.

So, there was kirtan in the hall, and I was doing roopdhyan. It was quite simple to do the roopdhyan of Sri Krishna, but the roopdhyan of Radharani was very difficult. Many people come to me with this problem—We can do roopdhyan of Sri Krishna, but we cannot do anything with Radharani. This was my problem, too. When she doesn’t even come, how can anyone meditate on her?

It is quite natural that it is not easy to meditate on Radharani, and whoever can do it will not meditate on anyone else!

The reason is, Radharani is the essence of Prem. She is Prem incarnate. The Prem that everyone is searching hither and thither since eternity, Radha is that Prem. The mahapurushas have attained that Prem and this treasure with them. With the power of this treasure, they can wrap Shyamsundar around their fingers.

Shyamsundar is enthralled with this Prem, and whoever has Prem, he will have Shyamsundar under his thumb. The endless running around that we have been doing since eternity it is to get this Prem. Or, to paraphrase it, to get Radharani. Radha is kripa incarnate, Prem incarnate.

I was crying and crying because I could not do roopdhyan of Radha. Along with that, I was imploring Sri Maharaj Ji for kripa that would enable me to do roopdhyan of Radharani.