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Raseshwari Devi Ji's foreign tour (Germany and the UK)

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

"Sanatana Dharma is indispensable for World Peace & Integrity"

- Raseshwari Devi Ji

Raseshwari Devi Ji, an eminent preacher of Sanatana Dharma and Co-founder of Braj Gopika Seva Mission returned to India after a long interval of her foreign spiritual tour bound to Germany and the United Kingdom. She returned to India on 18th December. Devi Ji is the senior disciple of the 5th Original Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. “The essence of Sanatana Dharma is indispensable for world peace and integrity,” Devi Ji Said during an interview with journalists at Bhubaneswar airport. Devi Ji was on a long spiritual tour to Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf, on her maiden trip to Germany. There she spoke on Sanatana Dharma and its relevance for world peace and integrity. During her stay, she also met her followers from India and new attendees from abroad who listened to her for the first time. Apart from spiritual discourses, Devi Ji also met her followers to know about their life going. During the interaction they raised their queries related to everyday life and spiritual domains. To their pleasure, she resolved their issues by offering simple solutions and showered them the right path to sustain a balanced and happy life. Nevertheless, she inspired them to stay connected to spirituality and find absolute peace and happiness which is the essence of human life on earth.

Devi Ji landed in London, UK for a 2-month program-bound spiritual tour on October 2022. There she attended a series of programs inclusive of Discourse programs, Maun Shivir, spiritual retreats, home visits, idol installation programs, etc. in a row. Moving onto the schedule, she first held a Maun shivir for existing followers to optimize their self-elevation practice. Then, he addressed the Bal Sadhna Shivir hosted by London Satsang Unit. The lessons on the significance of Nagar parikrama, Yogic exercises, (countryside visit chanting the name of God) motivated the children immensely. Tableaus presented by the children were motivating and inspiring. Followed by the Shivir, next she delivered lectures on the essence of Sanatana Dharma at some other places in London. In one of her spiritual talks, she said, “It is high time for the world to recognize the relevance of Santana Dharma to reestablish the message of universal peace and brotherhood”. She further reiterated that Sanatana Dharma is above any “religion” and therefore it is the eternal dharma/duty and eternal right for every human being to hold and actualize it in life.”

On 5th December 2022, Devi Ji was invited as the chief speaker on the foundation day of Sri Jagannath Temple, hosted by Sri Jagannath Society, London. On the occasion, Devi Ji spoke on great Jagannath Samskriti (Cult). Commemorating the glorious history of the Jagannath cult, Devi Ji addressed how it has been the source of spiritual wisdom for all religions over the ages. She further explained that many saints from different religions have accepted this Jagannath Cult which is universal by nature and followed it wholeheartedly. She illustrated its vibrancy and significance by citing instances from many scriptures for evidence and universal acceptance. On the occasion, the ex-Mayor, the Lord, and other dignitaries of London were present. Participating in Sangam Club Festival Devi Ji said, "the world needs universal brotherhood and love for a progressive world” describing ideals of brotherly love from the Ramayana.

Finally, she returned to Odisha on 18th December after 3 months of an overseas program. She was welcomed by her followers in huge numbers who later felicitated her for this great tour. While speaking to News reporters she said, “apart from the Indian diaspora, the foreigners are also acknowledging Sanatana Dharma and Indian culture. They are eager to know more about the spirituality, and vibrancy that resides in the Indian culture.” She further reiterated that Odisha is her own place from where she began her spiritual journey. She thanked the people of Odisha for their love and consistent support throughout the journey. She completed her talk by saying that she will keep moving around the world for propagating Sanatana Dharma and Jagannath Samskriti.

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