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Rourkela Unit tour - intensive meditational session & Abhishek (ritualistic bathing) of Lord Mahadev

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Rourkela Unit Tour by Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji - July 22nd to 26th, 2023

From July 22nd to 26th, 2023, the spiritual luminary Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji led a transformative tour of Rourkela, a city renowned as the "Steel City" and home to various heavy industries including Steel, Sponge Iron, Chemical, and Cement. The event drew more than 250 devotees, who were greeted with an elaborate procession, marking the commencement of a spiritually enriching five-day journey.

The tour centered around intensive meditational sessions known as "Roopdhyan," guiding participants towards inner reflection and self-discovery. These sessions provided a serene space for individuals to delve into the depths of their consciousness, fostering a heightened sense of mindfulness and tranquility.

Acknowledging the importance of spirituality in the lives of youths and children, the tour also incorporated dedicated sessions tailored for them. These discussions illuminated the significant role that spirituality plays in shaping their character, values, and overall well-being. Moreover, the inclusion of sessions focused on the 6s - Swasthya (Health), Sadhana (Spiritual Practice), Swadhyay (Self-study), Samarpan (Surrender), Sangathan (Unity), and Seva (Service) - further emphasized the holistic approach to life advocated by Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji.

A pivotal highlight of the tour was the grand Abhishek (ritualistic bathing) of Lord Mahadev, conducted on Monday, July 24th, aligning with the auspicious day of Savan Somvaar. The ritual served as a symbolic purification, both externally and internally, enabling participants to connect deeply with their spiritual selves.

The event reached its crescendo with the captivating Murti Sthapana (Idol Installation) ceremony. This engaging program not only evoked spiritual devotion but also demonstrated the power of collective faith and unity.

On July 26th, the tour culminated, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all participants. The transformative experience left them rejuvenated, inspired, and with a renewed sense of purpose. Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji's teachings and guidance led them to embrace spirituality as a cornerstone of their lives, fostering personal growth, inner peace, and harmonious coexistence.

In conclusion, the Rourkela Unit Tour led by Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji from July 22nd to 26th, 2023, not only provided an avenue for profound spiritual growth but also underscored the significance of spirituality for the younger generation. Through a carefully curated program of meditation, reflection, and engagement with the community, the event left an indelible impact on all participants, paving the way for a more enriched and balanced way of life.

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