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Shri Krishna – The attractive One!

The personality of Shri Krishna is the most attractive among all. Let's understand how.

There are three fundamental entities- living things, nonliving things and God, the ruler of these two. We can perceive the living and nonliving by seeing, hearing, reading, or experience. However, we have many questions and queries about the third - God. Who is God? Is He one or many? Does He have avatars? And so on. The Vedas and Puranas have the answers.

The Bhagavata says -

Satchidananda roopay, vishotpatyadihetve

Tapatraya vinashay Shri Krishnay vayam namah

The One who is Sachhidanand, (absolute entity, infinite knowledge and ever-increasing bliss) the root cause of creation and the only destroyer of all kinds of sorrows and miseries, is Shri Krishna!

Who is Shri Krishna?

Sri Krishna is that Adwey Jyana Tattwa (unique entity) known by three different names - Brahm, Paramatma and Bhagwaan. He is devoid of sajatiya (entities of the same category), vijatiya (entities of other types), and swagat (difference in one's own body parts). Thus, the meaning of Adwey is, that which does not have a second.

  1. The meaning of Sajatiya distinction is, those of the same family of God, that is the various avatars of God, they are only various forms of the same entity.