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Shri Krishna – The attractive One!

The personality of Shri Krishna is the most attractive among all. Let's understand how.

There are three fundamental entities- living things, nonliving things and God, the ruler of these two. We can perceive the living and nonliving by seeing, hearing, reading, or experience. However, we have many questions and queries about the third - God. Who is God? Is He one or many? Does He have avatars? And so on. The Vedas and Puranas have the answers.

The Bhagavata says -

Satchidananda roopay, vishotpatyadihetve

Tapatraya vinashay Shri Krishnay vayam namah

The One who is Sachhidanand, (absolute entity, infinite knowledge and ever-increasing bliss) the root cause of creation and the only destroyer of all kinds of sorrows and miseries, is Shri Krishna!

Who is Shri Krishna?

Sri Krishna is that Adwey Jyana Tattwa (unique entity) known by three different names - Brahm, Paramatma and Bhagwaan. He is devoid of sajatiya (entities of the same category), vijatiya (entities of other types), and swagat (difference in one's own body parts). Thus, the meaning of Adwey is, that which does not have a second.

  1. The meaning of Sajatiya distinction is, those of the same family of God, that is the various avatars of God, they are only various forms of the same entity.

  2. The meaning of Vijatiya distinction is that the other two entities are different from God, yet they are non-different from God.

  3. The meaning of Swagat distinction is God's own divine, conscious form, in that every part is complete and in itself. He can do everything with only one part, one sense organ. Not only that, without any senses or sense organs, He can do everything.

Such an astonishing and complete entity is known as Brahm, Paramatma and Bhagwan.

Although these are the three names of the same God, there is a difference in the manifestation of powers. Just like ice, water and steam are from the same source, water. Yet, they have different properties.

Is Krishna an avatar of Maha Vishnu?

Essentially, all of God's avatars are the same. Yet, as per the different requirements in different places, times and situations, Gods avatars exhibit different powers. For example, when a university professor teaches nursery children, he does not display all his knowledge in front of the children; there is no need to. He only will exhibit what is required for the child to learn the alphabet. It does not mean that the professor's knowledge has diminished.

However, Shri Krishna is not an avatar of God; He is God. For this reason, He is called avatari, not avatar. Maha Vishnu, from whom the entire creation came about, is a part of Shri Krishna. There is evidence of this fact in the Upanishads and Puranas.

What is distinct about Sri Krishna?

Sri Krishna is the complete, supreme God. There is a full bloom of the powers, the six powers, name, form, attributes, leelas, abodes and saints. There are four distinctions in Shri Krishna which are not present in any other avatar. They are Roop, Leela, Venu and Prem Madhuri.

  1. The sweetness of Sri Krishna's form increases by the moment and is ever anew. There is another speciality about it - leave alone the yogis, even Lord Shiva had to take on the form of a woman to relish this sweetness.

  2. The sweetness of Sri Krishna's leelas is such that it destroys the samadhi of Paramahansas like Sukhdev, and take them to the first steps of devotion, that is, hearing about the wonders of God.

  3. The sweetness and uniqueness of Shri Krishna's flute are in detail in the Venugeet, Bhagavata. There are many beautiful verses in Prem Ras Madira, composed by Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj, which present a simple yet vivid account of the sweetness of Venu Madhuri.

  4. Further, one may ask, are there any books that detail the descriptions of the distinctiveness of Krishna's Love? In short, the reader will find answers in Bhagavata Maha Purana and in Chaitanya Charithamrita, which reveal the secret of Krishna's divine love! Krishna Prem is Krishna's fourth exclusive attribute.

Shri Krishna takes birth on His own sweet will -

Shri Krishna's birth and karmas are both divine. The fallen and the lowly take the help of Shri Krishna's names, forms, attributes, dealers, abodes and saints. It is for this reason that Shri Krishna comes to this earth as avatars.

The embodiment of Shri Krishna Prem Madhuri is Brindavan. You can see the highest expression of all the four bhavas- servant, friend, mother and lover. On His own sweet will, Shri Krishna appears as avatars to provide to the fallen the treasures of His names, forms, attributes, leelas, abodes, and saints. The fallen, using these, establishes Sri Krishna's divine feet in his heart and is rewarded with His unique divine love. Thus, the primary reason for Sri Krishna's avatar is to grace the fallen.

Five thousand years after His avatar, Shri Krishna reigns in hearts as a popular hero. His personality is very attractive; not surprising because the name 'Krishna' means – He who brings back to life the dead consciousness of yogis and attracts them to Him. Sri Krishna is the Lord of Yogis, a Jagadguru who preached the Gita and the avatar of love, the rasik of Maha Ras, and the follower of Radharani. He is self-fulfilled, yet the love of His devotees makes Him the font of mercy and the raiser of the fallen. Thus, to give His firm assurance and love to His devotees, He appears in the form of avatars, again and again.

Watch Devi Ji explaining the secret:

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