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The biggest concern - How parents can raise a good child?

It is the biggest concern of a parent to raise his child with all good virtues and moral values. Parents ask this very often. If you too are concerned about the same, I am sure, you will get a solution with assurance.

You are the parent of a child who is in her teens or early twenties. To you, your girl (or boy) is a mere child, physically in the full bloom of youth, yet innocent of the ways of the world. But your child has a different opinion of herself—she thinks she is competent, worldly-wise, and confident.

You are both frightened and excited by the environment your child's faces. Look at the dazzling array of information that is available today, mainly because of the internet. Yet, there is a dark side to this technology. It is natural for a parent to worry about what is streaming from the laptops and mobiles of a child. Children cannot handle the avalanche of exposure, and we are well aware of the effects of too much screen time on their mental, physical and emotional states. This is the first generation shaped, for good or bad, by the internet and its offerings.

When I was of that age!

It was so much simpler in your times. Back in the day, television provided most of the information, entertainment, and some nasty stuff as well. But channels were limited, and most houses had only one TV. So, your parents had an easier time controlling your access to the world. But times have changed, and there is little you can do to stop the tide.

But are these times, and this generation, unique? Are the challenges and opportunities of the present youth, the so-called ‘Gen Z’, unique to this generation?

Not so unique