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The wealthiest person!

Do you want to be wealthy? Of course! Read about how to be truly wealthy.

We are fascinated by stories of great wealth. The wealthiest people, the most valuable companies, are ranked every year by reputed magazines and institutions, and we follow these stories with great interest. Of the top 20 wealthiest people in 2020, many are from the ‘new-age’ economies, such as tech tycoons, the rest from traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses. However, this is a list of only those whose wealth is declared, out in the open. There are many whose wealth cannot be displayed, dictators, kings, and despots. They cannot be listed, and therefore it is impossible to gauge their wealth. Rumour has it that many such individuals have even greater wealth and power than those on the official list.

Regardless of whether or not wealth is declared, have you wondered what makes a person wealthy? Why is someone a billionaire and the next person a pauper? The answer is simple: the billionaire possesses valuable economic resources, such as land, stock, buildings, businesses, etc. The pauper does not.

In the old days, wealth used to be measured in terms of land; the more land a person had, the wealthier he was. Now it is mostly stock holding; the valuation of the person’s company or his stocks in it - determines wealth. It is not as if a billionaire has a billion dollars in cash in his locker; it does not work that way these days. For instance, when writing this, the respected Forbes magazine estimates Apple is worth a staggering 2.4 trillion dollars! This is closely followed by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, in that order. It is doubtful that these companies have that kind of physical assets such as land, gold, or cash, amounting to those astronomical figures. These companies are valuable because the world at large thinks they are.

If we look at the fundamentals of wealth, we see that a person or a company is valuable because others consider it worthwhile. The people behind the person or company make it valuable. Who are the people ‘behind’ a company or an individual? Shareholders, big investors, influential financial or political figures - if these people repose faith, that makes up wealth.

The bigger the people ‘behind’, the wealthier a person. The converse to that is, if these people lose their faith or withdraw their support, the entire edifice of wealth is gone.

Do not think this has not happened. It has happened throughout history, time, and time again. You do not have to look back too far in the past to see this. What was the most valuable company in the year 2000? It was Cisco, with a stock market capitalization of 569 Billion US dollars in the year 2000. What is its position these days? As of 2018, it ranks 444th on the Forbes global list. How fortunes have turned!

Some may argue - Oh, but these are tech companies. Their fortunes go up and down in no time. Perhaps those whose wealth is based on more tangible stuff last longer. What is the most real form of wealth? For most people, it is land; land has an instinctive pull for us, and much blood has been shed for it. Which empire in recent history had the greatest spread? Three empires come to mind - the Hellenic empire of Alexander, the Mongol empire, and the Soviet Union.

Let us examine Alexander, the first world conqueror, according to Western historians. He died in 323 BC, at which point his empire stretched from Greece to Punjab’s plains. How long did his kingdom last? It disintegrated even before he was buried! By 321 BC, his generals were slaughtering each other for supremacy.

The Mongol empire, whose spread was probably bigger than even Alexander’s, met with a similar fate and ignominy. And many of us have witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union, the speed of which was shocking, even to its adversaries.

But this is the stuff of conquerors and emperors. How relevant is this to us, regular folks? At present, COVID-19 is rampaging through most countries, leaving behind in its wake a trail of disruption. Entire industries have been upended, and jobs and professions, which were once considered rock-solid, have vanished or become low paying.

It did not require a Chengiz Khan to cause this destruction; a little virus was enough to impact our lives and wealth seriously.

To sum up, to be wealthy, you need to have wealthy and influential backers, and their faith in you needs to be unwavering. Where can you find such a person? More importantly, even if you identify such a person, why should he offer you his support? Do not worry.

Such a person exists, and he is very close to you. He is right within you - God. He is unimaginably wealthy because the entire world and its splendours are his.

Also, he is sure to respond to your call - all you need to do is find a way to please him. Why look for undependable godfathers when Almighty God is our father? Have God as your backer, and all his wealth will be yours, and you will be infinitely more prosperous than the wealthiest person on the Forbes list.

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